Why we are immortal

Do we have a life after death? Let’s first talk about the absolutely necessary precondition for life after death. This is the existence of the spiritual world. Because there will be surely no new life in the world of space and matter. Does the spiritual world exist? There are some indications, for example, from the near-death experiences. Nevertheless, the spiritual world is very controversial. Why is that? This is because they could not be integrated into the scientific world view so far. Because so far no one could say how the spiritual world is connected to the “normal” world of space and matter. I can now show how the link looks. In fact, let thereby solve some fundamental scientific mystery. This makes the existence of the spiritual world extremely plausible. More information can be found on the pages “the new quantum physics”, “evolution 2.0” and “the solution to the mind-body problem”. Basic knowledge of quantum physics are quite helpful for understanding, so there is the page “Introduction to Quantum Physics”.

Such is the connection between the spiritual world and the world of matter and space: from newly emerging matter, which may even be a newly forming hydrogen atom, at the moment of formation, an image divorced from space and matter is created. These images provide the spiritual world. They are eternal and everywhere in the world of matter and space available. They are not passive, but very active. Because wherever it is possible, they appear in the world of space and matter and change the subject.

The existence of the spiritual world means that we will have a new life after death. Why is that? To this end, we must consider our consciousness. That was so far a completely unsolved mystery. The connection between the spiritual world and the world of space and matter solves the puzzle. Our consciousness comes from the spiritual world. It depicts images that appear in our brain. This shows two things. First, that the spiritual world but, although hidden from our senses, we are actually nothing more than the spiritual world know. For we know only our consciousness. And secondly, that our consciousness our death survived. Because it comes from the spiritual world and everything in it is imperishable. This gives us an afterlife. The spiritual world is pure consciousness. We ourselves are therefore after death, pure consciousness. Where our consciousness will not be an isolated sense of self as in this life after death. Rather, it will be a mixture of I- and we-consciousness. We will then by all deceased people and also all dead creatures have a common experience in the We-consciousness. I explain to the “The Afterlife” page.

The spiritual world is not only that we are immortal. It also shows that the universe is not an accident. Behind him is rather an intention. This intention can be called God. This means that the spiritual world is a bridge between the natural sciences and religions. They are not mutually exclusive. That should be my main message. More on the page “Why God exists”.

Another note: in particular detail I explain everything in my new book “The quantum secret – Science discovers the beyond”.