Life after death – the connection between quantum physics and the hereafter

One of the greatest questions of human beings – possibly even the main question of our species – is the search for the meaning of life and the ensuing puzzle after a life after death. Our consciousness now provides answers, not to the question of the meaning of life, but to whether a part of us, after our time on earth, in another world.

So far nobody could plausibly explain that there is a life after death, because no one could fathom our consciousness. Does this end with death or does it exist after the death of our mortal shell? This question has been the focus of my research for several years. The great problem of scientists is that they want to explain all the properties of our world about matter and energy embedded in space and time. In our universe, however, there must be more than just the material world. Quantum physics, a detailed introduction to this, can be found on my homepage. It has shown that there is something in our environment that is completely detached from space and time. As a promoted physicist, it was of personal interest to me to establish the connection between science and consciousness.
Our consciousness proves a life after death

Two particles, which are located in completely different places, react equally to a changed state: the connection of two worlds is one of the many findings of quantum physics. In the hereafter we are also in a completely new world, which is not part of our material world.
In our universe, therefore, there exist two worlds: the material world and the “inner” world. While the former is embedded in space and time, the “inner”, invisible world remains detached from it and represents an image of the material world. Both are intimately linked to one another because they are in an intensive exchange of information. This exchange ultimately generates our consciousness and also ensures the consciousness, which can be replaced by “life” after death.
Where does our consciousness come from?

Looking at the topic of consciousness abstract, according to neuroscientists this corresponds to the pure exchange between synapses and neurons in the brain. This is the result of a lively brain activity. This, however, provides only a description of the physical processes, without really giving an explanation for the consciousness. In fact, the important information comes from the “inner world,” the source of our consciousness. This can be deduced exactly by considering quantum mechanics in my introduction.
The active brain constantly receives information from the exchange of the material and the “inner” world. The “inner” body from the “inner” world communicates with our material body, whereby the brain is responsible for arranging the data obtained and for putting it together reasonably. This explains the structures that we can perceive in the material world.
Our consciousness does not come from the brain alone, but emerges from the “inner” world. With our death the structuring of information in the material world ends with the brain, because in the material world all life is transient. In the “inner” world, each new life is imperishable and always present. Therefore, we leave the order of consciousness to the “inner” body that directs a life after death.
Transient on the earth, eternally present in the hereafter

Where does this idea of ​​the immortality of the “inner” body come from? Looking only at the material world, a life after death can not be explained logically. But when you think about it, our universe is highly creative with all the proven features. It constantly creates a new life that is perishable in the material world, but which lasts forever in its image, the “inner” world. Even the simplest creatures are extremely complex at the second glance. The culmination of complexity or evolution is man. This also creates something new permanently. He himself also has a material body that will have passed in due time, but his created thoughts and contents in the “inner” body persist in the material world and are imperishable.
In my recently published book “The Quantum Secret: Science Discovers the Hereafter”, you will learn a lot more about this theory. Or click through the different articles on this homepage. Get to know the link between quantum mechanics and the beyond – you will see, there is a life after death!